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Dancing Dog Ink Offers Screen Printing Near Me!

When you’re looking for high-quality custom screen printing, local is the way to go! However, don’t just Google, “screen printing near me“ without looking into both the ratings that local businesses receive and the different types of services they offer. At Dancing Dog Ink, we offer exceptional screen printing, local embroidery, and team apparel design, and we have the positive reviews to prove it!

At Dancing Dog Ink we follow several key values when it comes to offering the very best service to our customers, each one designed to provide the highest quality products and build relationships with our community members.

The Highest Quality Products on the Market

When choosing screen printing, local is almost always the ideal choice because you can actually meet the people who are creating your products and know exactly what you are getting. If you want to check out the high-quality merchandise we offer, you can find a detailed online catalog at our link here.

While browsing through all of these top-notch products, you can narrow down your search to the items you are most interested in for your company, team, volunteers, or group. Then, if you would like to see samples in person, you can stop by our print shop to see examples of some of the merchandise we’ve created and actually feel the quality yourself.

Furthermore, when you choose custom embroidery or screen printing, local companies like Dancing Dog Ink also give you the opportunity to bring in any products you are not satisfied with for any reason; we will always work with you to make it right.

Community Care and Friendly Customer Service

Because our screen printing is local, we are extra invested in the community that we serve, and we want the businesses, nonprofits, school groups, and individuals who use our services to be not only satisfied, but delighted with the service they receive. We make it a point to involve you, the customer, in every step of the screen printing process, from that first moment when you search, “screen printing near me” to the day you don your new custom apparel.

When you contact us to place an order, we can help you choose fabrics, colors, and sizes, and can work within your budget to get you the most bang for your buck.

We care about the relationships we build with the companies and individuals in our community and will always put customer service as a top priority. Anytime you call, you will receive exceptional service and one of our knowledgeable team members will help you through the process.

Screen Printing Deadlines are Important!

When you order custom screen printing, local companies like Dancing Dog Ink must have the machinery and equipment available to fulfill both large and small orders. At Dancing Dog we already have all the tools and equipment to make sure your order gets processed on time.

We will talk to you about deadlines for your custom screen printed apparel or custom embroidery and make sure we are able to set up a timeline that works for us and for you. If there is ever a delay in manufacturing or any issue at all regarding a deadline, we will contact you immediately and let you be a part of the solution process.

Years of Service, and We’re Just Getting Started!

Dancing Dog Ink has been serving the Sierra Nevada foothill community and the Greater Sacramento Area for over 30 years. We attribute our success to our wonderful clients and our team’s dedication to the values of high-quality merchandise, exemplary customer service, and timeliness.

We look forward to continuing to provide top-notch service to each and every customer who comes into our store. If you have any questions about the products we offer after having taken a look at our online catalog, simply email us using this form or call us at (530) 885-3692 and we will make sure you are taken care of. Thank you for trusting Dancing Dog Ink with screen printing and local embroidery services. We believe that you deserve the best and we are grateful for your business. We can’t wait to work with you on all of your future products!


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