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What’s the Difference Between Silk Screening a Logo and Screen Printing it?

Silk screening or embroidery? Which is right for you? At Dancing Dog Ink in Auburn California, we know that when you are looking for “screen printing and embroidery near me,” you are likely wondering about the primary differences between the two and which would serve your needs best.

Whether you want to engage us in the process of silk screening a logo to enhance your branding, have our design specialists create a brand new logo design for you, or embroider items such as hats or jackets for your company, school, or organization, we can give you the breakdown of the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best decision for your company in your wallet.

Silk Screening Logo to Enhance Your Brand

You want your brand to stand out no matter where you are. Whether you’re out in the community volunteering, at a business conference, or in the office, anytime your logo is seen by the public it should associate your brand with a high level of professionalism and performance. At Dancing Dog Ink., we are highly experienced in silk screening logos onto everything from T-shirts and sweatshirts to tote bags and accessories.

What’s the Difference Between Silk Screening Logo and Screen Printing?

There is none! Silk screening is simply a synonym for the process of screen printing, and the technique can be used on many different kinds of items. When silk screening logos, we use a system that utilizes mesh screens where different colored ink are pushed onto the fabric, one color at a time. When each additional color is added, we use another screen, and there are even specialty inks that we can custom order that glow in the dark or have a metallic sheen to them to really make your artwork pop!

The process of silk screening logos is an excellent choice to make your brand stand out because the process itself can be useful to create shading or layering of colors that is naturally eye-catching. Most designs can also be printed with a medium to high level of detail which is sometimes difficult with other types of printing.

Are There Any Challenges with Screen Printing?

The challenges of screen printing are few but can include the cost increasing with each additional color and that overtime, certain types of inks can become sensitive to heat. Overall however, silk screening a logo onto apparel, and other items is an excellent way for companies to get their branding out into the community and enjoy new apparel at the same time and for a reasonable price.

Custom Logo Embroidery

When your company, school, or organization is looking for “screen printing and embroidery near me,” make sure you thoroughly vet anyone who claims to be experts in screen printing and/or embroidery because it takes special machinery or years of by-hand experience to embroider at a high level of quality.

Embroidery typically uses thread to stitch designs. In the old days, embroidery was mostly done by hand, but technology now allows almost anything to be embroidered with the use of a machine. At Dancing Dog Ink we can embroider items such as duffel bags, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, polos, and more.

When to Choose Embroidery

Embroidery can be simple or complex, which often determines the price quote for the design. Typically, embroidery is excellent for logos without a lot of small text as it can be difficult to stitch very tiny details like miniscule lettering and shading. You will need to decide if silk screening or having your logo embroidered is best for you depending on your budget, the detail of your design, and the look that you want to achieve with your products. Embroidery often looks higher end and more professional, but there are also certain challenges with it such as gradient color limitations or too many small details to come out clearly.

Allow Us to Help You Create a New Logo Design

If you have decided you’re set on embroidery, but feel your current logo is too detailed or has too much small text to be embroidered well, we can always help you design a new logo. You can simply make a consultation appointment with one of our design specialists here at Dancing Dog Ink, and they will help you design something specific that will work for the merchandise and method (screen printing or embroidery) that you’d prefer.

We have helped many companies rebrand themselves or create a second logo that is simpler than their normal one and easier to embroider onto promotional items and apparel.

Why Choose Dancing Dog Ink?

At Dancing Dog Ink we want to be your top choice when searching for “screen printing and embroidery near me,” and we look forward to working with you to offer the highest level of professionalism, friendliest customer service, and most exemplary quality of products.

Check out our online catalog here, and then contact us today at (530) 885-3692 to get started!


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