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How Branded Corporate Apparel Builds Employee Culture

At Dancing Dog Ink, we specialize in branded corporate apparel, but not only do we aim to make your team look professional and coordinated, we strive to help create a positive employee culture as well!

Typically, businesses who invest in well-designed branded corporate apparel make a statement about company cohesion to the outside world and benefit in other ways because the employees themselves feel more valued and cooperative as a team.

Branded Corporate Apparel Outside the Office

Many employees will choose to wear branded corporate apparel outside the office if it’s stylish and designed with comfort and functionality in mind, and this also means that your company logo, slogan, or other trademarked images are well represented throughout the community.

Improve Morale with Branded Corporate Wear

When you value employee culture and invest in making each individual employee feel part of a bigger team, they feel they are essential to the success of the business. Because of this, there is often an increase in productivity, work ethic, teamwork, and positive attitude in the workplace as well.

An Inspiring Identification System

Networking in the community can be enhanced with stylish company apparel, since it not only promotes your brand in public, but also functions to identify members of your team in the community. Whether individual employees or entire departments are attending first time meetings or regular gatherings, such as chamber events, retreats, or interacting with other businesses in the community, your branded corporate wear will stand out above the crowd when you choose Dancing Dog Ink to design and create it.

Consider Rebranding

If your old logo, slogan, or trademark is a bit dull and needs a facelift, consider taking your company's logo or colors in a new direction or rebranding entirely. To create a positive culture shift in an even bigger way, you can involve your staff in the rebranding process, so they feel like they are a part of the change. You can come out with a new apparel line for each department in your company or design something that showcases your specific colors, values, or company history.

If you need some ideas for rebranding, our specialized graphic designers can help you create a brand new logo or modify the one that you have. We offer a wide variety of corporate branded apparel… everything from T-shirts to polo shirts, from sweatshirts to jackets to tote bags and can create special order items by request.

Dancing Dog Ink - Your Premier Company for Branded Corporate Apparel

Make a statement at the workplace, a tradeshow, a convention, and every day out in the community with professional, comfortable, and high-quality apparel from Dancing Dog Ink.

At Dancing Dog Ink in Auburn, California we are the most friendly, professional, and skilled screen printer in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We serve Placer County and the Greater Sacramento Area and offer the best in screen printing, logo design, custom embroidery, and more.

Call us today at (530) 885-3692 to discuss your ideas and budget and see how we can help you create stylish, branded corporate apparel to enhance your workplace culture. You can also click here to take a look at many of our options for custom embroidery and screen printing.


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