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The Origins of Screen Printing

Screen printing dates back to a very long time ago with origins much older than most people would typically imagine. The history of screen printing actually dates back to the Song dynasty in China which lasted from approximately 960 A.D. to 1279 A.D.

Screen Printing Goes International

After a successful beginning thanks to the Chinese, it then spread to new locations; first to other Asian countries, such as Japan, and then on to Western Europe in the late 18th century. Screen printing didn’t gain popularity in Europe as fast, however, and did not truly take off until silk mesh material was more available to Europeans when trade routes were expanded from the East.

The Technology Behind Screen Printing

The simple technology around screen printing has evolved all the way through to the technological age we are currently living in. At Dancing Dog Ink we are proud to offer exemplary screen printing services in the 21st-century to meet all of your custom branded team apparel, sports apparel, and logo design needs.

The Screen Printing Process

The basic process behind screen printing involves the same basic technology it has for thousands of years. The artisan first creates a screen mesh, which was previously made of silk (hence the name, silk screening), and forces ink through the mesh. The finer the mesh is, the more detailed the image becomes. At Dancing Dog Ink, we have the ability to silk screen with black ink or use full color photographic type images since we are skilled in the art of using color gradients and super fine detail. There is a process by which we can create third-party colors by using color mesh overlays, which enhances colored graphics using only a few different screens. This specialized process is called “simulated process printing,” and it’s just another example of the fine work that our dedicated team of professionals here at the Dancing Dog Ink screen print shop are able to accomplish.

Scalable Production Means We can Meet High Demand at our Screen Print Shop

Our screen print shop was designed with a scalable production model in mind, so you never have to worry if a job is too small or too big for us. We are easily able to meet high demand with speedy, efficient, and reliable machinery. Not only that, but we can practice the art of screen printing on virtually any surface that can be printed on including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and more!

Dancing Dog Ink - Your Top Choice for Screen Printing Services in Northern California

Stand out from the crowd in your business and the community with comfortable, well-designed, high-quality apparel from Dancing Dog Ink.

Our company is located in Auburn, California, and we pride ourselves on being professional, courteous, prompt, and skilled at meeting the needs of the customer. We serve Placer County and the Greater Sacramento Area and aim to offer exemplary services in the areas of not only screen printing, but custom embroidery, logo design, and more.

Give us a call right away (530) 885-3692 to talk to one of our friendly team members who can design and create the special products you’re looking for. By clicking here you can also take a peek at some of the high quality, stylish products that we carry without even coming into the store!


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